Shares of companies

An open trading account on the Brand Name website allows you to buy and sell shares of large corporations listed on the world's leading exchanges. Shares from the NYSE, London, Tokyo, Chicago and other stock exchanges are available without commission or restrictions that are mandatory for traditional asset trading.
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Stock trading from major stock exchanges
The limited number of shares available for trading is not about Brand Name. After registration, securities from different stock exchanges, including NYSE, NASDAQ, FTSE and others will be available for trading.
No restrictions on volume of transactions
You define the volume of the deal yourself, starting from 0.01 lot. This is convenient, because the lot depends on the potential amount of profit.
Regulation of risks
The risks are regulated by changing the leverage and transaction volume before opening an order.
No overpayment for transaction execution
SELL and BUY orders in CFD trading are not subject to any additional payments, unlike classic stock market transactions.

Stock Market

The share market is represented by tens of thousands of securities of the companies that passed the IPO stage. There are two basic formats for trading: direct investment in shares and CFD-trading for difference prices. The second format is more interesting for private traders, as it involves the use of leverage and the ability to open transactions in any direction.

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